Prepare for Group Discussion & English – Best Tips

Prepare for Group Discussion & English - Best Tips

How to Prepare for Group Discussion and the English Language

English Language and Group Discussion are the major in today’s competitive examination. Banks, SSC, and other top-level examination conduct group discussion after the mains examination. Therefore it is important to prepare strategically for these two sections. Here we are trying to some simple tips on how to prepare for Group Discussion and English Language.

How to prepare for the English Language?

The question paper of English will be designed to test your knowledge of English grammar, vocabulary, and your ability to understand things in the given context. Your knowledge and ability would be tested through questions based on Grammar, Rearrangement, Fillers, Comprehension, etc. Here are some key points and tips for solving these questions and preparing the subject of English.

  • Learn the rules of grammar and practice as much as you can. As you know more practice gives better results. 
  • Enrich and enhance your vocabulary. This will help you in solving various types of questions.
  • Never use your own opinion, real-world things, universal facts, etc. while solving questions based on comprehensions. The sentence we use in our day to life is informal and has mistakes. So, never imagine those sentences during solving these type questions.
  • While solving the questions of rearrangement you must use your common sense and try to choose as faster as possible to a logical order.
  • For solving a cloze test, you must understand the main idea and context of the given pages.
  • Maintaining time is very important during any competitive examination. So, don’t get bogged down in solving a particular question. Use your time judiciously. It’s better to leave that question and try later if you have enough time.
  • You should read a standard newspaper to improve your language and try to understand the use of grammar and words and their arrangement.

How to Prepare for Group Discussion

Group Discussion an important occasion and may well be turning points in one’s career.  Group discussion is increasingly used by these days by reputed companies and management institutes for the selection of a candidate for jobs or admission to prestigious courses. It serves to separate the cream group out of a large number of applicants and shortlists them for further rounds of tests so as to go to be chosen in a career position matching to their aptitude and skill-set.

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What is group discussion?

A Group Discussion is a communicative situation wherein the participants in the group express their views and opinions and share them with one another. In it, there is an organized and synthetic exchange of views and opinions about a given topic among the participants who share some common objectives. You have to prepare well for it, which will also add to your self-confidence. Those who go to a Group Discussion unprepared are unable to make marks and are sent home. It will be a mistake to consider any participants weak.

Here are some important tips for participating in Group Discussion:

  • You should work hard to have a reasonable knowledge of the major topics of current national and international interest, as the topic you get in the Group Discussion may relate to any of them.
  • You need to read regularly standard newspapers and carrier magazines to acquire this knowledge. If you have no knowledge of the given topic, you will not be able to develop convincing arguments in support of your view.
  • It is necessary to acquire language skills because if you are unable to express properly what you know, others will not come to know anything about your knowledge. The selector will not be impressed either.
  • The most important skills for a manager are communication skills, which include articulation skills, word power, and listening skills.
  • You must develop the ability to support your views with convincing arguments. These skills can be developed by having a mock Group Discussion session with your friends, or by joining a preparatory institute.
  • It is necessary to ensure that you do not hesitate in speaking before a number of people. If you are nervous or hesitant, you will forget what you know and cut a sorry figure.
  • If you plan to initiate the Group Discussion to get an advantage, do so if you have enough knowledge about the topic given to you. Make a note of major topics so that you can conclude your discussion and point of view impressively at the end.
  • Wear formal attire while going for Group Discussion. Remember that your dress is comfortable for you.

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