Matters to be Covered in a Job Application

Matters to be Covered in a Job Application

What are the important matters which should be covered in a Job Application?

In our previous post, we have published about the physical characteristics and importance of a job letter. While writing a job application you should keep in mind some matters which should be covered in a job application. So, we have published this post to ensure the quality of your job application.

The application letter should include the following matters:

(i) The Source of Information:

The letter must disclose the source of information about the existing vacancy. If it is written in response to an advertisement, the date and the name of the Newspaper be mentioned.

(ii) The Name of the Post:

The name of the post applied for should be stated along with the source of vacancy.

(iii) The Qualification:

A brief description of your qualifications academic as well as professional should be mentioned. Reference should also be given to any special training and work experience in a ‘ particular capacity.

(iv) The Age and Health:

Information in respect of age and state of health can be given.

(v) The Aptitude for the Job:

The reason for applying the post should be given by showing aptitude and interest in the advertisement job. If the candidate is already employed then reasons for change should be given.

(vi) The References:

The application should contain names and addresses of those persons who can testify the character and experience of the candidate. The mention of references is important as they can be contacted by the employer for verification of certain facts about the candidate.

(vii) The Salary:

In an application, the amount of acceptable salary should not be stated. The question of salary should be‘ negotiated at the time of interview. If an advertisement asks for an acceptable salary even then the amount should not be stated. Candidate can mention his present salary and ask for a reasonable salary.

(viii) The Request for an Interview:

In the end, a request for an interview should be made.

(ix) The Enclosures:

Certified copies of Certificates, Testimonials“ etc., can be sent as enclosures along with an application. Original certificates and testimonials should not be sent. The personal Bio-data“ or resume may be sent as an enclosure. The bio-data or resume contains information such as name, address, qualifications, experience, personal details, previous employment, referent, etc., about the candidate.

In our next we will be publishing the best quality formats for a Job Letter.

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