About Us

Get Assam Job site is all about advertisements. This site will contain a blog on advertisements for job openings belonging to any sector from private to government.

Being based in Assam, we will focus on the job sectors of Assam but we will also post top job opening all over the country. This blog is highly recommended for teens and adults who are in search of a job. Useful details regarding job openings will be available in PDF format. This blog provided all types of social media links such as Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Instagram accounts, Twitter, etc.

This blog is highly recommended for those who seeking information regarding current job openings for both the public and private sectors.

I believe this website will be very helpful. This is a small contribution from us for the greater good. There are no hidden charges applied for the information provided. The information provided is free of cost.

GETASSAMJOB is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.